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COVID 19 Health and Safety Plan

We cannot forecast what the COVID 19 situation will be like in August 2023, so we cannot tell you whether there will be any specific mitigation policies at ISIMS 2023. 

At this time, we can only say that conference attendees and guests of ISIMS 2023 may be asked to do the following:

  • Wear an acceptable face mask at all times in the conference space, when not eating or drinking, and when social distancing cannot be maintained indoors. 

  • Try to maintain social distancing while indoors.

  • Follow the local COVID-19 mitigation policies implemented by the city of Maastricht, the conference hotel or any other private business that attendees and guests wish to patronize. 

Any mitigation policies will be communicated to conference attendees and guests. Conference attendees and guests are expected to follow all COVID-19 mitigation policies, and the ISIMS Board of Directors has sole discretion to terminate anyone’s participation in ISIMS 2023 in the event that they fail to do so.

For current COVID 19 measures in Maastricht, please visit:

While over-the-counter medications can be purchased from local pharmacies in Maastricht, please consider bringing any necessary medications with you. 

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