Technical instructions for the Twitter poster event

  • ​Digital poster format: images in JPEG or PNG format, or GIF animations

  • Minimum resolution: 3500 px x 2500 px. This corresponds to a resolution of 300 dpi for a poster in DIN A4 or letter format.

  • Poster orientation: landscape, ideally an aspect ratio of 16:9 (GIF animations can also be displayed in a 1:1 ratio).

  • Maximum file size: 5 MB for images and 15 MB for GIF animations (note that the limits are lower when uploading from mobile devices).

  • Font size: minimum 9 pt. for a poster in DIN A4 or Letter format. (36 pt. for a DIN A0 poster).

  • Ensure good contrast, for example between the lines of a plot and the background. Color display and brightness can vary depending on the device

  • Test your tweet: to guarantee that the poster is displayed correctly on as many devices as possible, the picture can be uploaded to a private Twitter account and tested with the browser's device simulator ('F12' > 'Ctrl + Shift + M' for Chrom and MS Edge, 'Ctrl + Shift + M' for Fire Fox). Images displayed in the stream are cropped to an aspect ratio of 2:1 (440 px x 220 px) by Twitter. The algorithm selects the most prominent part or the center of the image. Thus, it is therefore useful to test how the image looks like in the stream and to change the arrangement on the image if necessary.

  • If you wish to use Scribus to create your poster,  read facts of Scribus and use attached files as a template to start.

Here is a link for  Mike Morrison's Twitter poster PowerPoint template.