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ISIMS Board Members

The first IMS workshop was held in 1992 and the ISIMS was founded as a Scholarly Society in 1996. ISIMS quickly evolved into a diverse community, with members from 15 countries attending the most recent conference. Yet it remains a small society, and maintains a relaxed tone in our conferences. Members from academia, government and industry have equal voice. 

We strive to reflect the composition of our membership in session chairs, poster judges, working groups, and the Board of Directors.  While the policy-making body of the Society is the Board of Directors, the driving force and the most important part of the Society is, as it always has been, our members. 

Hartwig Schmidt  

Rapiscan Systems, USA

President Elect    
Brian Hauck

U.S. Army CCDC Chemical Biological Center, USA

Past President  

Maggie Tam    

Canada Border Services Agency,



Ching Wu    

Excellims, USA

Membership officer

Alex Hill

Defence Science & Technology Lab, Fort Halstad, UK

Tom Limero  
KBRwyle/NASA Johnson Space Center, USA

Brian Clowers    
Washington State University, USA

Osmo Anttalainen    
Olfactomics Oy, Finland


Sponsorship Liaison    
Lourdes Arce  
University of Cordoba, Spain


Nomination Officer 
Andreas Walte  
Airsense Analytics GmbH, Germany

Technical program Officer  

Alexander Bohnhorst

Leibniz University Hannover, Germany

Twitter: @AlexanderBohnh1      


Peter Fowler
GP Ionics LLC, USA


Juliane Gottwald

Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel, Department of Pathology, Germany


Angskar Kirk

Leibniz University Hannover, Germany

Haiyang Li
Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, China

Advisory Panel:
Steve Harden
U.S. Army CCDC Chemical Biological Center, USA

Gary Eiceman
New Mexico State University, USA

Paul Thomas
Loughborough University, UK


Vince McHugh
U.S. Army CCDC Chemical Biological Center (retired), USA

Pierre Pilon
Canada Boarder Services Agency (retired), Canada

Robert Ewing    
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA

Herb Hill  

Washington State University (Emeritus), USA

Wolfgang Vautz  

Leibniz Institure for Analytital Sciences (ISAS) & ION-GAS GmbH, Germany

Hilary Bollan

MBE United Kindom Ministry of Defence (Retired), UK

Any participation of a board member employed by a government entity does not constitute an endorsement of the Society by that member's government.

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