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The official logo of the International Society for Ion Mobility Spectrometry was designed by Steve Harden in 1996, the year when the Society was recognized as a Scholarly Society in Germany.

The logo encompasses the full name of the Society, arranged in a circle. Inside the circle of letters is the acronym of the Society, “ISIMS” in red, on top of positive and negative ion mobility spectra in blue, spanning the world map in green. 

The spectra were generated using an IMS-based instrument (Chemical Agent Monitor or CAM, Graseby Dynamics, now Smiths Detection); spectra were collected during laboratory and field tests of the CAM by scientists and engineers representing the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada and Australia.

The logo contains three colors: red (RGB 252, 9, 1), green (RGB 52, 202, 51), and blue (RGB 2, 2, 222). The colors were chosen to represent energy and passion for learning (red), international harmony (green), and trust among IMS scientists, technologists and practitioners (blue). 

The font used in the logo is Bookman Old Style (bold).
ISIMS is pronounced I-S-I-M-S, although other pronunciations have been used. 
The logo has been updated in 2022 by André Ahrens, to increase the resolution for large format printing. 

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