Presentations of the history of IMS

  • AN ORAL HISTORY ARCHIVAL PROJECT FOR ION MOBILITY SPECTROMETRY: Martin J. Cohen and Franklin GNO Corporation, Abigail E. Eiceman, 22nd ISIMS Conference, Orlando, Florida USA, 2012


  • From the Grievousness of War: The Transition from Ionization Detectors to Ion Mobility Spectrometers in Detection of Vapors In Ambient Atmospheres, Abigail E. Eiceman, 23rd ISIMS Conference, Boppard, Germany, 2013


  • Surface Potential Detector to the Chemical Agent Monitor (CAM): The development of nerve agent detectors in England from 1970 to 1981 by Abigail E. Eiceman, 24th ISIMS Conference, Asheville, North Carolina, USA, 2014


  • Foundation of Personel, Orgaanization, and Technology for the Chemical Agent Monitor: PYE DYNAMICS and the PD Family of Explosive Vapor Detectors, Abigail E. Eiceman, 25th ISIMS Conference, Cordoba, Spain, 2015


  • Detecting the “Handiwork of Terrorism”: The history of geopolitical motivation
    and technological development of the PD trace vapour detectors for explosives during The Troubles, Trace Detection Explosives Workshop in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 2018


  • People in the Historical Development of Ion Mobility Spectrometry in Canada, Maggie Tam et al., 27th ISIMS conference, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 2018


  • The Development of IMS in Germany by Helko Borsdorf on behalf of the German IMS community, 28th ISIMS Conference, Hannover, Germany, 2019


  • A tribute to James Ephraim Lovelock on the hundredth birthday anniversary by Glenn Spanler & Jaroslaw Puton, 28th ISIMS Conference Hannover, Germany, 2019

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