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Presentations of the history of IMS as standalone or as tandem systems

Our knowledge in IMS, wheather as stand-alone or as tandems systems is built upon the accomplishments of many scientists before us. As the IMS community forges new frontiers, we pay tribute to pioneers who paved the way, and remember those who contributed to the Society and who took the time to mentor the next generation of IMSers.

  • AN ORAL HISTORY ARCHIVAL PROJECT FOR ION MOBILITY SPECTROMETRY: Martin J. Cohen and Franklin GNO Corporation, Abigail E. Eiceman, 22nd ISIMS Conference, Orlando, Florida USA, 2012


  • From the Grievousness of War: The Transition from Ionization Detectors to Ion Mobility Spectrometers in Detection of Vapors In Ambient Atmospheres, Abigail E. Eiceman, 23rd ISIMS Conference, Boppard, Germany, 2013


  • Surface Potential Detector to the Chemical Agent Monitor (CAM): The development of nerve agent detectors in England from 1970 to 1981 by Abigail E. Eiceman, 24th ISIMS Conference, Asheville, North Carolina, USA, 2014


  • Foundation of Personel, Orgaanization, and Technology for the Chemical Agent Monitor: PYE DYNAMICS and the PD Family of Explosive Vapor Detectors, Abigail E. Eiceman, 25th ISIMS Conference, Cordoba, Spain, 2015


  • Detecting the “Handiwork of Terrorism”: The history of geopolitical motivation and technological development of the PD trace vapour detectors for explosives during The Troubles, Trace Detection Explosives Workshop in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 2018


  • People in the Historical Development of Ion Mobility Spectrometry in Canada, Maggie Tam et al., 27th ISIMS conference, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 2018


  • The Development of IMS in Germany by Helko Borsdorf on behalf of the German IMS community, 28th ISIMS Conference, Hannover, Germany, 2019


  • A tribute to James Ephraim Lovelock on the hundredth birthday anniversary by Glenn Spanler & Jaroslaw Puton, 28th ISIMS Conference Hannover, Germany, 2019

     History of Ion Mobility Spectrometry in India by Sakshi P. Jaiswal, Jagrati Sharma, Faiza Ali, Saima Arif, and Richa Singh, 30th ISIMS Conference, Virtual, 2021

       History of IMS in the Netherlands by Chris Prüfert, 32nd ISIMS

       Conference, Maastricht, The Netherlands, 2023

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